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Léa Sorabella

Léa Sorabella


Home services pioneer company in the Alpes Maritimes since it was founded 1999 by Alain Jamet, Doctor of Pharmacy, ACSED has given new impetus to its activity. New direction and reaffirmed ambition for a range of exclusive services dedicated to individuals, without options or supplements.

At ACSED, because all the details matter, the rate of the service is always the same whatever the tasks requested by the customers, without options or formulas. It is a full housekeeping service in one service. Families who trust us can change their demands according to their needs and without additional costs.

This difference has been our commitment since the creation of the company. Mrs Lea Sorabella is now at the head of the family business. Its roadmap remains unchanged. Chemical engineer, after making a career in Paris in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, the new CEO wanted to get closer to its region of origin and support the local economy. “I have been in the family business since I’m young so I am very familiar with the structure and its environment. Curious, passionate and human, I wanted to bring a new dimension to this beautiful company.

Therefore ACSED proposes an identical but renewed and clarified formula for individuals. The company is committed to its staff to provide the best service to the customer. “We attach great importance to the qualification and experience of our employees. Faithful employees are the insurance for the customer to always have the same staff. This is important for a relationship of trust to develop over the years. It seems obvious, for example, to build relationships with the elderly. In addition, we pay our employees above the minimum wage in order to give them pleasant working and living conditions. A winning partnership to provide the best service.”